The history of Tómalom goes back to the 1500s, although the lakes are said to have already existed in the time of the Romans. According to the linguist Károly Mollay, today’s Tómalom may have been established in the 1470s and 80s during the tenure of the rich and influential citizen, the several times re-elected city judge and mayor, Kristóf Herb who also became the first tenant of Tómalom.

The artificial lakes at Tómalom obtained their water from the Pannonian sea sediments, once high in water, were located north of the town of Sopron. Water played on the one hand a significant role as a first-rate energy carrier, on the other hand, through fishing, in the field of nutrition. The existence of the mill, which also serves as the lake namesake, is first reported in

In 1822 Konrád Mühl became the miller of Nagytómalom. He was the first to establish a public bath at Nagytómalom in 1842.
It is not known how long Konrád Mühls bath worked. We do know, however, that from 1859 the cloth-maker, a trimmer's guild bought it from him and bathing continued.

The industrial association formed from the trimmers guild sold Nagytómalom in 1918 to the Association for the Betterment of Sopron, with the purpose to establish a spa complex. Bath life in Tómalom was limited but continuous from 1842 on, the ownership was changed to create a large-scale bath complex.

As a part of this the beach spa, a 14-room hotel and a restaurant were built between 1920 and 1922 based on the plans of the architect Ferenc Schneider. In 1930 the beach was expanded based on the plans of the architect György Hárs. At that time, the row of cabins standing on stilts parallel to the entrance road and the U-shaped board pier covering a distance of 50 metres were established. Here, above the deepest point of the lake a jumping tower about 4 metres high was also constructed. During the 1930s, some summer villas were also completed on the hillside opposite the beach.

During WW II Tómalom spa was bombed. Autumn 1945 the hostel, the beach buildings, the villas and the factory building of the Trimmers’ Industrial Association and the former mill were all seized by a Soviet unit for winter accommodation.


After the war, the bathhouse was rebuilt, but the mill was completely destroyed. The current state of the spa was formed at that time, and with minor changes, it still operates today. Since the beginning of the 90s, it has been operated by Fürdőüzemeltető Kft., since 2002 under the current name of Soproni Vízmű Zrt., owned by the Municipality of Sopron County.

In recent years, the owner made some significant investments to increase the popularity of the spa. Since 2008, children have been using a safe, enclosed water surface with a constant water depth in the lake bed, for which a small slide can also be used.
In 2012, the main building was expanded with an additional floor, which also includes the entrance cashier's room. The separate, out-of-date buildings have disappeared, their functions were centralized at the same time as the building expansion. In the same year, the fallen stone fence in front of the street was also rebuilt, which also gives the spa a new look.
In addition, a new playground, a modern cafeteria, aesthetic outdoor showers and changing rooms were built.
Modern water equipment can be rented as a beach service (kayaks, water bikes, water choppers, boats).
In addition to technical developments, special attention is constantly paid to the updating and landscaping of the green area.

Tómalom beach

Sopron, Erdőalja u. 1, 9407

  • Phone: +36 20 221 0525
  • Off season availability: +36 (99) 513 423

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